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Intel publishes open source encoder for AV1 codec

Dedicated AV1 encoders are expected to arrive in a year or so

Intel has published an open source CPU-based encoder for the AV1 codec.

The Scalable Video Technology AOMedia Video 1 (SVT-AV1) encoder supports Linux, macOS and Windows operating systems.

SVT-AV1 requires Skylake-generation or newer Xeon processors with at least 112 threads and at least 48GB of RAM for 10-bit 4K video encoding.

The next-generation, royalty-free AV1 codec is expected to be adopted after h.264 and HEVC, due to enhanced video compression capabilities and significant backing through the AOMedia group.

Intel’s open source SVT-AV1 encoder joins the recently released open source dav1d AV1 decoder, giving video streaming companies a full solution until dedicated AV1 encoding hardware arrives in the next few years.