Autoscript launches iPad prompting workflow

One or more iPads can be connected directly via company's iEVO app
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Autoscript has announced the launch of a new prompting workflow for iPads.

iEVO is described as a unique application that allows one or more iPads to be connected directly to Autoscript's WinPlus-IP prompting software and used as teleprompter monitors, additional reference monitors, or operator preview monitors in any location on the network. 

Users will need to purchase a WP-i licence for WinPlus-IP, which allows them to connect and display a prompted script on an iPad. When connected to WinPlus-IP, an iPad with the iEVO app will show as a standard device within the WinPlus-IP device manager.

The iEVO app is available for all current iPad models running iOS 10 or higher and supported by Autoscript's WinPlus-IP, WinPlus-IPN, and WinPlus-IPS software version 1.3 or higher.

"iEVO is the first and only prompting app that allows an iPad to be connected as a teleprompter to fully featured prompting software and then controlled like a standard on-camera prompting unit," said Robin Brown, product manager at Autoscript. 

"Not only does an iEVO-equipped iPad enable talent to monitor the script in real time on a familiar handheld device, but it's also an ideal solution for a jib, Steadicam, or other equipment setup in which weight is an issue."