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ARRI employs TIXstream MFT to manage files in Germany

Post production company is using solution at three locations

ARRI Media is now using TIXstream MFT from TIXEL to manage the movement of files between three locations in Germany.

The post production house is using the transfer system at its facilities in Berlin and Munich.

The company’s previous workflow was based on standard network file transfer and had difficulties meeting the continuously growing demands.

TIXEL’s integrated high-speed transfer engine enables the ARRI to have predictable transfer times and configurable bandwidth limits, intelligent queuing, and retry mechanisms.

TIXstream MFT’s decentralised system architecture enables direct transfer between source and destination storage system at the sites — without having to go through central instances. According to the company, this completely avoids unnecessary transfers and copy processes. The TIXEL Control Centre is used as Web UI to control and monitor transfers.

At the ARRI Media facilities, TIXstream MFT runs on different Linux systems, which are connected to NAS and SAN storage systems via NFS, CIFS, StorNext or FTP. 

“We are excited that, with ARRI Media, another major player in the media production industry is impressed by our turn-key solution TIXstream MFT,” said TIXEL CEO Ralf Einhorn.

“Due to its flexible software architecture, TIXstream MFT was easily configured  for ARRI Media’s workflow requirements,” added TIXEL CTO Andreas Aust.