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Why lockdown doesn’t mean shut down

Philip Stevens learns about a new remote editing solution

In the present circumstances surrounding Covid-19, any and every aspect of remote working are becoming the centre of attention. One company that has developed a whole raft of systems and solutions for the remote arena is Cambridge-based media asset management (MAM) software provider, IPV.

“We have created a number of key elements that cover remote editing, remote production and collaborating on video content from home that, I hope, will genuinely help,” explains Martin Coles, vice president of marketing. “As part of that support I, along with colleagues Alex Ferris and James Varndell, produced a webinar last month which detailed how video professionals can carry on working at full capacity even when they are in a lockdown situation. It goes into the unique issues which face teams that are working from home. And that webinar is still available on our website,”

Coles goes on to say that there is an eBook that accompanies the webinar.

An immediate solution

At the heart of the IPV offerings is CuratorNow. “With remote working becoming a new norm, it is imperative that MAM can provide the power that video talent needs to collaborate and continue to create amazing content without the constraint of a different location in which to work,” Coles notes.

He says the benefits of remote production are already well-known. “The reduction in the need to travel – with all the associated costs. And those benefits can now be applied to editing. Less space needed in facilities and the ability to call on talented professionals anywhere in the world. And that is even more relevant where travel from home is difficult, if not, impossible.”

IPV’s flagship MAM platform, Curator, has been around for a while. But, says Coles, the development of CuratorNow is proving to be an ideal tool that comes into its own when global events force us all to change the way – and where – people have to work. “In a nutshell, this is a complete, rapid-deployment remote editing studio. It is designed for professional video editors and producers in order that they can continue creating content from home. Our client list for this solution includes government agencies, enterprise companies and creative studios all over the world.”

Coles reveals CuratorNow is hosted in AWS and that the speedy deployment he mentions is possible in just two days. “It provides both its best-in-class UI and best-practice media workflows. This means it is incredibly easy to use and ready to go immediately requiring no configuration.”

He goes on: “CuratorNow is built from our existing full Curator suite to solve immediate – hence the word ‘Now’ – challenges and can be scaled at any time to a full Curator system. That means you can add further capabilities and options as the need arises.”

The workflow

Put simply, the system involves uploading content, then securely streaming that material for editing. This is followed by a request to render the edited content in the Cloud. The result can be downloaded to anywhere that has authorised access.

“CuratorNow quickly enables media managers to ingest hi-res video and log crucial technical metadata,” continues Coles. “Then there is the ability to easily search and find assets remotely. And, of course, it provides the ability to edit with frame-accurate proxies using 98 per cent less bandwidth than the hi-res files. Added to that, there is the capacity to collaborate seamlessly on Adobe Premiere Pro projects and to conform completed content back to hi-res. And all of that workflow is delivered through a highly secure private Cloud.”

Of course, security is always uppermost in users’ minds. “CuratorNow provides a level of security that is unmatched, allowing producers and editors to work seamlessly and with absolute confidence.”

Location no barrier

He concludes: “Cloud video editing has transformed the way the production industry operates. This long-awaited technological advancement allows for streamlined workflow processes, higher productivity and increased efficiency. By providing secure access to a complete library of content means employees can work from anywhere in the world. This also means access to a larger pool of talent and the ability to collaborate with colleagues thousands of miles away. For an employer, it allows the hiring of top-of-the-line employees and freelancers. Whatever happens in the world, you can give your creative team the power to continue creating amazing content when it’s needed from wherever is best for them.”