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Virtual technology sound stage opens in Spain

Orca Studios uses the same LED volume technology as Disney's The Mandalorian

A new virtual production facility that uses the same LED volume technology as Disney’s The Mandalorian has opened in Spain.

Orca Studios has developed its technology with the support of Epic Games and collaboration of Kinolux in Spain.

LED wall volumes create exterior or interior images that adjust in sync with camera movement, powered by video game PC engines. The technology has been pioneered by The Mandalorian’s showrunner Jon Favreau

It means filmmakers can shoot inside the studio, instead of venturing to remote or dangerous locations, particularly key during the current pandemic.

Orca Studios

Orca Studios is based in Gran Canaria, where all of the assets and environments will be created. They can then be displayed on an Orca Studios LED Volume in Madrid or anywhere in the world.

“There are so many things that go against the creativity of movie making. Virtual production with a LED volume helps overcome those issues. It empowers filmmakers, allowing for far greater flexibility and control,” Orca Studios founder Adrian Guerra told Variety.

“Besides the obvious uses for sci-fi/fantasy environments, this technology is accessible for smaller productions. We can avoid small locations where a director is only going to shoot half a day or time spent at certain locations that are very expensive or have limitations like a hotel or hospital, where you can create your own.”