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Timeline’s RF facilities bring Wild Alaska Live to BBC One

Timeline provided flyaway production facilities, radio cameras and presentation facilities

Timeline Television provided technical broadcast facilities, including flyaway production facilities, radio cameras and presentation facilities for the BBC’s natural history series, Wild Alaska Live.

Filming took place in various venues across Alaska, including the world’s largest temperate rainforest, Tongass National Forest, as well as the Katmai National Park.

Timeline was tasked with providing complex RF linking facilities to connect up the sites for transmission to BBC One and to PBS in the US.

Their facilities were required at the production’s Hallo Bay encampment on a remote island. All equipment was powered by solar panels and fuel cells. Live RF cameras were also roving across the valley in search of wildlife shots, relayed by a backpack carried relay point. Timeline also provided the satellite uplink from the island using compact, lightweight equipment flown in by light aircraft.

Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away at Juneau, Timeline was tasked with providing live cameras from a whale watching boat out at sea. At Mendenahll glacier the radio cameras were employed across huge site with mobile relay points. Live action from a helicopter camera was also included in “one of the most exciting projects Timeline RF have undertaken”, according to Timeline’s head of operations, Nick Buckley.