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Panalux launches all-electric power solutions for eco-friendly sets

Company says the two new units can provide instant, silent, emission-free power in virtually any location

Panalux, part of Panavision, has launched a range of portable lithium-ion battery arrays, providing eco-conscious all-electric power for a variety of on- and near-set applications.

The Panalux Power i-Series comprises the i2 and i4 240V portable power units, which the company says can provide instant, silent, emission-free power in virtually any location.

The i2, with a capacity of 5kWh and a maximum load of 2kW, is ideally suited to powering work lights, monitors, laptops, tablets and phones, while the i4, with a capacity of 10kWh and a maximum load of 4kW, can handle more power-hungry devices like tea urns, media servers and film lights. Each i-Series unit can be used as a standalone power source or, when connected to a mains outlet, as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), providing protection against interruptions to the primary power source, said Panalux.

Both units feature a 32A inlet for charging or use as a UPS, along with 16A, 13A and USB outputs to allow a variety of devices to be connected without the need for adaptors or stage boxes. They also both include an LCD display indicating power consumption and battery level.

“We’ve developed the Panalux Power i-Series to be the perfect complement for any type of project,” said Dave Amphlett, technical director for Panalux. “The advanced lithium-ion battery arrays in the Panalux Power i2 and Panalux Power i4 allow crews to mitigate their diesel-generator running hours. In turn, that significantly reduces the emission of nitrogen oxides and particulates and helps to eliminate noise pollution.”