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Open Broadcast Systems adds subtitle overlay support to decoders

The new support on the company's C-100 and C-200 decoders allows users to "cost-effectively monitor teletext subtitling, including on professional 4:2:2 video streams"

Open Broadcast Systems has added support for overlaying teletext subtitles with its C-100 and C-200 decoders, enabling users to “cost-effectively monitor teletext subtitling, including on professional 4:2:2 video streams”.

The company said that operators can monitor transport streams in multiple languages using the C-100 or C-200 decoder and that it can be used in both dense deployments with many channels monitored on a single server, as well as being suitable for small scale single channel deployments. The company’s small form-factor decoders can be attached to the back of a monitor without the need for investment in full sized hardware.

“Monitoring contribution streams can be complex and expensive, especially when dealing with multiple languages and subtitle tracks,” said Kieran Kunhya, CEO, Open Broadcast Systems. “By adding support to our decoders, we are allowing flexible and cost-effective monitoring without losing any of the accuracy needed for professional quality video streams.”

The C-100 encoder and decoder supports high-quality, low-latency news, sport and channel contribution. It allows flexible deployment of contribution services in pure software or on a wide variety of high-density chassis. The C-200 decoder is capable of decoding MPEG-TS to 2022-6 and 2110 Uncompressed IP, using software running on commercial off-the-shelf hardware.