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New partnership supports HFR films

Huaxia, Christie and GDC developing the system ahead of Ang Lee's new movie

Huaxia will create a Cinity Film Lab to combine production, post production and distribution, inviting “internationally renowned film directors” to serve as consultants, including (according to speculation by the Hollywood Reporter) Lee, James Cameron, Peter Jackson and Douglas Trumbull.
“The industry has made some successful efforts in shooting and post production of advanced-format movies, and developed some preliminary solutions,” said Fu Ruoqing, chairman of Huaxia Film. “At present, technical challenges along the industry chain are mostly linked to projection… with the application of HFR and other technologies as the bottleneck.”By entering into strategic partnerships with Christie and GDC Technology, Huaxia Film will work closely with them to remove this bottleneck and develop the Cinity Cinema System, thus driving innovation and upgrading of the advanced-format movie industry with technological breakthroughs in the field of projection.

“By combining art with technology, we will deliver more forms of artistic presentation to the shooting and production processes to improve movie production, create a differentiated and high-end market, and keep movies alive and competitive.”