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NEP Sweden and Broadcast Solutions collaborate on UHD studio upgrade

System integrator designed the new control rooms for the country’s largest TV studios

NEP Sweden has recruited German system integrator Broadcast Solutions to design and integrate the new HD/UHD control rooms in its Stockholm-based studio facility.

The large building houses three studios, of which studio 1 is the largest in Sweden. Previously, all productions were completed with OB vans added to the building.

The facility is Sweden’s top location for productions of large programmes with up to 1,600 audience members, including shows such as Idol or Stjärnornas stjärna.

Broadcast Solutions implemented the project within two months, from the start of planning to commissioning. It includes two large production desks and 8×55″ multiviewers, one 5.1 audio room, one engineering room and CAR. The first show broadcast from the new studio was a production of Stjärnornas stjärna on the 17th March.

NEP Sweden is using cameras, video mixers, video routers and multiviewer systems from Grass Valley. The audio management, with 5.1 setup, is equipped with a Lawo mc²56 audio console, including audio router. The intercom system is a Riedel Artist, and a VSM system is used as the overall control software. Video servers are from EVS XT4 K (two) plus Grass Valley K2 Solo.

“We decided to integrate fixed installed control rooms in our large studios to be more flexible and to work more efficiently at large productions,” said Jens Envall, technical director at NEP Sweden. “The time-schedule to implement the whole system was very demanding. But the Broadcast Solutions team delivered on time, and the result is just perfect. The new approach allows many different opportunities our customers demand from NEP Sweden.”

Hans Huber, business unit manager at Broadcast Solutions, commented on the challenges of the project: “The extremely short time-period for implementation required a very in-depth and forward-looking planning of all processes and trades on-site and a lot of flexibility of all involved to react quickly to unforeseeable challenges. Thanks to our highly skilled and collaborative working team, project handover to the customer took place in time.”