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Jellyfish Pictures opens Brixton HQ

Largest "virtual" VFX and animation studio in the world

Jellyfish Pictures has opened a new facility and headquarters in Brixton, South London.

The facility seats 200 artists and joins four more studios spread across South London and Sheffield.

Jellyfish Pictures has removed all onsite IT infrastructure from its existing sites and moved everything to a co-location, resulting in the facility becoming wholly virtual – the world’s largest VFX and animation studio of this kind.

Spread across one floor, the studio totals 100 metres with over a third of the facility dedicated to staff breakout areas, meeting rooms, client areas and a state-of-the-art screening room boasting a 4K projector and Dolby Atmos sound.

The new set-up is said to be completely secure, using Pixit Media’s PixStor multi-tenancy container services for audit-compliant secure data separation and isolation.

Jellyfish Pictures CEO Phil Dobree said: “Jellyfish Pictures is a wonderful melting pot of cultures and creatives so it was important to me I delivered a space where our talent could thrive.

“Something that couldn’t be achieved in Soho, the new space spreads across one long 100 meter floor, encouraging everyone to share tips, ideas and collaborate.

“We also wanted to use the technology out there to make lives easier so there is more time for creative endeavours,” he added.