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Australian Open aims to ace video content with Grabyo

Tennis Australia will employ Grabyo to deliver more digital video to tennis fans

Grabyo is working with Tennis Australia to enhance the Australian Open’s international video content strategy and expand Tennis Australia’s reach across the globe.

The digital and social teams at the annual tournament, which begins in Melbourne on Monday 14th January, will utilise Grabyo’s cloud-based video platform to create, edit and distribute real-time video clips and live streams to multiple social and digital platforms.

The Grabyo Studio platform will allow the team at Tennis Australia to produce real-time highlights while using custom graphics and branding.

Grabyo’s Producer platform will also enable Tennis Australia to create unique broadcasts for digital fans and live stream one-hour daily shows and other content directly to social media.

Xavier Muhlebach, supervising producer at Tennis Australia, comments: “In 2019 we want to connect to fans all over the world faster and in a more personal way than ever before. Our global audience is incredibly engaged and hungry for great content, so by working with Grabyo we have created a content strategy that uniquely targets every possible market. Using this platform has given us the freedom to be creative and make great content without the concerns of distribution slowing us down.”