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Augmented Reality brings The Green Planet to life

New AR experience will open in London next month

A new augmented reality experience inspired by the BBC’s The Green Planet is set to open in London next month.

The Green Planet AR Experience has been created by Factory 42 with BBC Studios and is powered by EE’s 5G network. It will see visitors led by a virtual Sir David Attenborough, transformed into a 3D hologram through volumetric capture.

Work-in-progress production images captured during the making of The Green Planet AR Experience, powered by EE 5G

Visitors will be given a mobile device alongside spatial audio to guide them through the digital environment, and the digital plants and animals react to the visitors presence in the space.

The team behind the experience have also worked with Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Talesmith and Dimension Studios.

The experience will take place at 55 Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus, London, opening on 11th February, and will be free to the public from the official website.

Tom Burton, head of interactive, BBC Studios said: “We work to the strengths of immersive and interactive storytelling, collaborating with the NHU to actively engage people with stories from the natural world. The Green Planet carries a critical message through the stories it tells. By innovating in cutting edge technologies, this ground-breaking experience brings these stories into the world around you to explore and engage with. We hope in doing so it furthers empathy and understanding of plants and the importance of our Green Planet.”

John Cassy, founder and CEO, Factory 42 added: “Visitors will be transported from the bustle of Piccadilly Circus through a real rainforest into a mediative realm where the remarkable authority, Sir David Attenborough, will take them on a personal journey in which they immerse themselves deep into the interactive virtual world of the Green Planet. This ground-breaking sustainable experience blends physical and digital worlds together creating an extraordinary encounter that provides knowledge, entertainment and in turn builds empathy with the natural world.”