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Adobe’s creative applications bring ten Oscar-nominated films to the big screen

The company's technology was used on Best Picture winner Everything Everywhere All at Once, as well as Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Top Gun: Maverick

Adobe has revealed its Adobe Creative Cloud applications including Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, and, have been used on ten of this year’s Oscar nominees.

The company’s technology was used Best Picture winner Everything Everywhere All at Once, as well as Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Top Gun: Maverick.

Editor Paul Rogers and his team at Parallax Post relied on Premiere Pro, After Effects, and to bring Everything Everywhere All at Once to life, earning 11 nominations including Best Film Editing and Best Picture. “Premiere Pro is wonderful and I couldn’t imagine cutting in any other program,” said Rogers. “Combined with, the whole workflow was very intuitive. I was able to focus on the film, not the tools.” 

Top Gun: Maverick Film UI designer Jayse Hansen turned to After Effects and Illustrator to supplement the practical interior shots of the various aircrafts by designing and animating the realistic cockpit, speed and command center displays that captivated audiences and earned six nominations, including Best Visual Effects and Best Picture. “All of Adobe’s tools play so well together,” said Hansen. “This allows our team the quickest workflow from design, to animation, back to changes, and then to final composites.”

Adobe Creative Cloud and were important tools for the post production team of Fire of Love, a National Geographic Documentary Films feature which earned a Jonathan Oppenheim Editing Award at Sundance as well as an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary Feature Film. VFX artist Kara Blake shared that “in bringing this moving story to life, Photoshop and After Effects helped us craft the visual design of the film and integrate archival footage from multiple eras while made remote collaboration easy and efficient.” 

Digital Domain Texture lead artist Sarah Cosmi and her team used Substance 3D tools on the visuals in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, which earned five nominations including Best Visual Effects and Best Costume Design. “To create the climactic battle of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Digital Domain built two complete digidouble armies, multiple super-powered combatants, and digital environments from scratch, and it all begins with the textures,” said Cosmi. “My team and I relied on Adobe Substance 3D as part of our integrated workflow to create every detail from the battleship to the oceans and more, which helped us deliver an amazing experience for audiences around the world.” 

“We’re proud to empower Oscar-nominated filmmakers to bring the world’s greatest stories to life with the leading platform of creative applications and services in Adobe Creative Cloud and the Substance 3D collection,” said Ashley Still, senior vice president, Adobe Creative Cloud. “Adobe continues pushing the boundaries of innovation to unlock the future of filmmaking, empowering our customers to create in new mediums and collaborate in new ways, from anywhere.”