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2012 to be record year for OBs

It is not just the London Olympics which could make 2012 a record-breaking year in UK outside broadcasting. A number of other events, including the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, should make 2012 a business bonanza.

It is not just the London Olympics which could make 2012 a record-breaking year in UK outside broadcasting, writes Adrian Pennington. A number of other events including, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, are expected to make 2012 a business bonanza for the half dozen major OB firms.

The London Games in late July of course dominates the OB agenda next year with Arena and SIS Live among those contracted to the host broadcast operation of Olympic Broadcast Services.

The UEFA European Football Championship in Ukraine and Poland (from June 08 2012) will absorb further capacity from at least two UK OB companies (Arena and Telegenic).

Then there is the Diamond Jubilee with celebrations spread over a number of days expected to make the total OB requirement (led by the BBC) three or four times bigger than for the Royal Wedding for which the BBC, ITN and Sky fielded more than 150 OB cameras. The official Jubilee weekend is planned for the first weekend in June.

According to one source: “We are led to believe some competitors are charging rate card plus a premium for these events, (rather than rate card less a discount).”

On top of all that there is the usual bread and butter work which means OB crews will be working around the clock especially in the summer.

Barry Johnstone (pictured), MD of CTV and COO of Euro Media Group, said: “2012 is an opportunity for everybody. Although we are not working directly for OBS all of our facilities are committed in the busy summer period.

“On the opening weekend of the 2012 Olympics, for example, we will be up to our eyeballs covering three golf tournaments for European Tour Golf.

“Then, later in the year, we will be producing the host feed of around 35-40 cameras for ETP of the Ryder Cup.”