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‘Making cloud simple’: Tyrell launches cloud-based production environment

Tyrell Cloud aims to provide media companies with a turnkey managed service based on their project workflow requirements

Tyrell is aiming to help producers with the launch its next-generation, fully-automated virtual production environment, Tyrell Cloud.

According to the company, Tyrell Cloud provides media companies with a turnkey managed service based on their project workflow requirements, as well as giving instant access to solutions from multiple vendors.

Users can employ EditShare FLEX for offline editing, AWS for storage, FileCatalyst for File transfer and Teradici for virtual workstation control.

“Tyrell Cloud enables customers to align their operational costs with their project cycles and start working on projects immediately within a fully cloud or hybrid environment,” said Tyrell managing director Bryan Malone.

“If you compare it to a physical on-prem installation, we’ve erected the building, put the racks in, populated racks with kit, connected the internet, wired the whole building, added user authentication, provided the workstations and the furniture and we’re handing over the keys. Every project has its own virtual workstations and infrastructure and users schedule projects to run as and when required. It’s a much more flexible and sustainable way of working.”

All members of the production team can access and manage content in the Tyrell Cloud environment without needing technical cloud skills, said the company. Freelance editors can also work remotely on editing content in the cloud via a server address to log in.

Tyrell said it has achieved its goal to ‘make cloud simple’ by automating system integration and providing users with the power to control when their resources run.