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DPP report reveals chaos in VoD content supply

The research, Supplying the VOD revolution, exposes pain points in the supply of content to video on demand platforms

A new report from the DPP has unearthed the complexities that are impeding the efficient supply of content to VoD platforms. 

Supplying the VOD Revolution is the result of wide-ranging research that garnered input from a number of CTOs and operations professionals from across the media industry. The report seeks to define a ‘reference workflow for the supply of content from distributors and aggregators to platforms’. 

What it found was a rather chaotic picture within that workflow with frustrations being felt at both ends of the supply chain. The DPP’s head of delivery and growth, and report author, Rowan de Pomerai, explained, “The dramatic rise in the number of VoD platforms, and the lack of commonality between their delivery requirements, has become a source of pain for many content owners.

“It’s startling how chaotic and costly aspects of this process can be, not just for content suppliers, but for platforms too.”

The report, produced in partnership with Sony New Media Solutions, also found:

  • Many VoD supply chains are still dominated by manual processes, making them inefficient and susceptible to human error;
  • Onboarding processes routinely take months to complete, pushing up costs;
  • The top format challenges come from metadata and avails;
  • Custom formats and spreadsheets still dominate the exchange of information;
  • Organisations are keen to develop best practices and reduce the number of formats used.

The DPP stated that the report’s release marks the ‘starting point for a new programme of technical work for the DPP, to address the challenges raised by this research’. 

The DPP will work on best practice documentation in due course and has said it will partner with MovieLabs to analyse how their Digital Distribution Framework may be applied more widely to solve the problems of the wider industry.

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