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Dalet releases ‘significant’ update to AmberFin

Production efficiency enhancements include support for UHD input and output with a standard transcode node and support for writing ABR packages DASH & HLS while content is being ingested

Dalet has unveiled a number of updates to the Dalet AmberFin transcoding platform that feature seamless integration with cloud-native Dalet Flex media logistics and Dalet Pyramid unified news operations platforms as well as new transcoding capabilities.

“Dalet AmberFin sits at the heart of the rapidly evolving streaming workflow,” explained Patrick Devlin, product manager for Dalet AmberFin. “Because it is a cornerstone technology for our customers, we are focused on its continuous improvement and integration in the wider ecosystem. This release threads the recognided Dalet AmberFin conversion quality and media processing technology across our flagship SaaS solutions, Dalet Flex and Dalet Pyramid. As a critical pillar of these solutions, Dalet AmberFin bridges the gap for Dalet customers who need a fully cloud-native media ecosystem with proven end-to-end production and distribution workflows that can support any existing or emerging market vertical.”

Dalet AmberFin also provides a cloud-first approach that has been verified by the AWS Foundational Technical Review, the company said.

“It is no longer sufficient to simply take an on-premises system and run it on EC2 instances in the cloud, customers want cloud-native applications that can take full advantage of containerised services, scale up and scale down and the security best practices in the cloud,” Devlin said.