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Case study: ALIPH’s digital transformation towards intelligent, agile asset management

How Imedia8 helped ALIPH replace its manual processes of archiving images, videos, and data, and move towards a MAM system capable of supporting its ambitious goals

Founded in Geneva in 2017, ALIPH’s mission is unique; it is an international organisation and private Swiss Foundation designed to meet the challenge of protecting cultural heritage in conflict and post-conflict areas. If there are conflicts within the world, ALIPH will likely be involved to support the rebuilding of sites of cultural significance.

ALIPH’s three key areas of intervention are: preventive protection to limit the risks of destruction; emergency measures to ensure the security of heritage; and post-conflict actions to enable local populations to once again enjoy their cultural heritage.

Implementing smart systems

As ALIPH continued to thrive, investments in data migration followed, but it also became increasingly clear that the organisation needed to replace its manual processes of archiving images, videos, and data, and move towards a contemporary system capable of supporting its ambitious goals. This required an operational re-organisation alongside the adoption of an automated workflow, encompassing the whole process from data stock control and managing assets to data reporting. All whilst protecting ALIPH’s hard-earned reputation for protecting cultural sites.

The challenge

ALIPH realised that a standard media asset management system no longer worked for them. What they required was a bespoke combination of an image and video database in order to create its own shareable collection of assets for its stakeholders. The meta data associated with each asset is specifically unique to ALIPH and so they required a software which would fulfil the niche requests from their partners and investors. 

Imedia8’s asset management system was able to fulfil these needs seamlessly. The ALIPH team, which had been liaising with Imedia8 since 2020, created a wishlist of requests and requirements for seamless integration. It was during the discovery phase of the project that the Imedia8 team reviewed and edited the requirements of the software in great detail with the ALIPH team, resulting in creating a bespoke solution. It was essential that the software included a highly secure integrated backup, disaster recovery, monitoring support, and maintenance within a simple package that could be installed over a six-week period.

And, with Imedia8’s fifteen years of experience, it was easy enough to take a highly complex customisation and install it within ALIPH’s workflows in quicktime. 

The Result

The installation was achieved within an unprecedented timeframe. The skillsets of Imedia8 and its expertise in the NGO sector were instrumental in making sure this project was successfully completed, on-time, and within budget. 

Based on Imedia8’s expert understanding of the available technology options, the company was able to provide a cost-effective approach to the installation, taking into account maintenance, software versions, and future-proofing the environment through the cloud.

“From day one, Imedia8 has understood our requirements and made recommendations so that we could get to exactly the kind of system we needed,” Sandra Bialystok, ALIPH spokesperson commented, “whether that has been to improve data configuration or how to manage an entire audiovisual library on the cloud, they have provided a pragmatic approach to our requests and addressed any challenge with a positive, problem solving attitude.

“For us, Imedia8’s solution was not just necessary, it has also improved our internal processes and how we work with our partners. There are business activities that can only be done so well with paper and old IT systems. This solution that Imedia8 developed has meant that we now have more time to spend on other projects, safe in the knowledge that our media assets are easy to access and manage while also being securely stored.” 

Guy Parry- Williams, founder, Imedia8 commented, “Imedia is thrilled to further establish its foothold in Geneva and bring ALIPH’s important work to life and share vital images, videos and data with its stakeholders. Every platform that we create is unique, it is about understanding exactly what the customer needs and how we are able to deliver. Developing our customer’s suite of digital tools as they develop as an organisation is paramount for us.”