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Zattoo’s streaming service certified carbon neutral

Zattoo calculated it created 692 tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2019

German streaming platform Zattoo has been officially certified carbon neutral after offsetting its footprint for 2019.

In conjunction with ClimatePartner, Zattoo calculated it created 692 tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2019, and intends to offset that by supporting certified carbon neutral projects. It is also planning to do the same for 2020, effectively making the company carbon neutral.

Zattoo said its biggest sources of emissions were air travel, the daily commutes of its employees and emissions from data centres operated by suppliers and business customers. 

It recently announced it has placed a data centre inside a wind turbine as part of a trial to reduce its energy footprint – more of that in the next issue of TVBEurope.

“For us, the future of television is climate neutral,” said Stefan Lietsch, chief technology officer at Zattoo. “We will achieve this initially by compensating our emissions. This means supporting certified carbon offset projects in which CO2 is demonstrably saved. In addition, we will gradually reduce our CO2 consumption to a minimum. We want to set a good example and encourage other companies to join in.”

Tristan A Foerster, co-CEO of ClimatePartner, added: “The proportion of digital technologies such as streaming on global emissions volume is currently estimated at around four per cent, with a tendency to increase. This is why it is all the more pleasing that Zattoo, as one of the market leaders, is taking on this challenge and not only consistently and continually reducing emissions, but offsetting them. We are delighted to support and accompany Zattoo on this path and are pleased to apply our digital expertise from the digital sector.”