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Electronic contact lenses poised to access the Metaverse

InWith Corporation to showcase wearable technology at CES 2022

InWith Corporation is expected to demonstrate wearable contact lenses for viewing the Metaverse at CES 2022.

The conference is taking place in Las Vegas starting 5th January, where the electronic soft contact lens platform will be displayed before reaching the market, following FDA Breakthrough Clearance this year.

The lightweight, virtually invisible lenses offer users an immersive experience in the Metaverse. They include “tunable vision” via mobile device and “augmented vision” coupled with mobile device control.

Developers are able to place augmented vision display chip applications into any soft hydrogel contact lenses that millions of people wear daily, aiding visual impairments as well as AR/XR applications.

According to InWith it is the only company with the capability to integrate component circuitry into modern, soft contact lens materials, working with top Fortune 50 companies to secure several hundred patents in 2022.