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Delta Fiber Nederland deploys multicast ABR from Broadpeak

nanoCDN technology minimises bandwidth consumption

Dutch cable operator Delta Fiber Nederland has launched a new video service powered by Broadpeak’s multicast ABR solution.

Broadpeak’s nanoCDN technology is integrated into AminoOS software and run on AminoVU STB devices, enabling Delta Fiber to deliver live TV to subscribers without substantial infrastructure investments.

During live events, nanoCDN relies on multicast ABR delivery to minimise bandwidth consumption, meaning the same amount of network bandwidth is used regardless of the volume of viewers.

“One of the primary concerns we had when launching our new video service based on HTTP video delivery was how to guarantee a high quality of experience during live events when there are a large number of viewers and network bandwidth is constrained,” said Bart Smeels, platforms and services manager at Delta Fiber Nederland.

“With nanoCDN we can cost-effectively manage the consumption peaks of our live service, supporting several hundred thousand simultaneous viewers and using only a few megabits per second from our network while maintaining the quality that viewers expect. We are very happy with the technology and the Broadpeak team, and we have had zero issues since we launched the system in production.”

“We are excited to join forces with Delta Fiber Nederland on this initiative to bring live ABR television to the main screen,” added Broadpeak CEO Jacques Le Mancq. “Through the power of multicast ABR technology, operators all around the world are discovering how they can make live HTTP video delivery affordable and streamlined, building the future of IPTV.”