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Conviva: European streamers seeing ‘spinning wheel of death’ less often

According to company's latest report, in Q2 2021 video start failures were down 12 per cent in Europe overall

Viewers who stream video in Europe saw an increase in quality during Q2 2021 according to a new report from Conviva.

The company’s latest State of Streaming: Europe report found that video start failures were down 12 per cent in Europe overall. However, in northern Europe and southern Europe start failures increased by 26 per cent and 43 per cent YoY respectively during the period.

Eastern Europe and southern Europe each tallied 4 per cent longer video start times on average, while northern Europe and western Europe saw modest improvements, said the report. Video start time in Europe overall was 3.92 seconds.

Overall, streaming viewing time in Europe was up 19 per cent in Q2 2021, despite slight decreases for southern and eastern Europe, each down 1 per cent year over year.

According to Conviva, 16 per cent of adverts were missed opportunities as they went unfilled or failed to play as expected, this number has decreased significantly, down 37 per cent from the previous quarter.

The company concluded, “As much of the world began to open after being hunkered down for over a year, employees returned to offices, and people ventured out, it could be assumed that streaming would suffer from all of the out-of-home activity, but that wasn’t the case. In fact, streaming continued to grow in Europe and all over the world. Streaming is here to stay.”