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Vislink launches 5G mobile encoder for remote production and live streaming

Company's all-IP Quantum wireless camera receiver has also been extended to provide support for Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) technology

Vislink is adding a new 5G encoder to its product suite, which can be used for both remote production and live streaming applications.

The Mobile Viewpoint Baselink 5G mobile encoder, utilises bonded cellular and 5G technologies to transmit content from any location with maximum bandwidth and low latency, said the company. It is targeted at small and mid-sized broadcasters and content owners, as well as larger broadcasters.

BaseLink 5G incorporates the following new features:

  • Supports up to six 5G modems to maximise available bandwidth and ensure lowest latency video streaming
  • Includes two Ethernet ports to expand in-venue connectivity options, access to wideband internet for production crews, and direct connection to cloud-based content storage
  • Provides increased local storage within the unit, allowing store-and-forward of high-resolution video content
  • Ruggedised aluminium housing to withstand challenging operating conditions

Mickey Miller, CEO of Vislink, said: “BaseLink 5G is ideal for broadcasters and content creators everywhere who want a professional live streaming solution that can be set up and deployed easily and at relatively low cost. These users have an ever-increasing need to generate high-quality live video to stay competitive, but don’t always have the means to produce and stream their own unique content. The BaseLink 5G product allows any content owner to become their own online streaming platform, as well as distributing to YouTube and other platforms.”

Vislink has also announced its all-IP Quantum wireless camera receiver has been extended to provide support for Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) technology.

The Quantum Receiver has also been integrated into the Mobile Viewpoint LinkMatrix control and content routing management platform. This enables production teams to manage their wireless content from any source, from OFDM-based Vislink wireless camera feeds providing in-game event coverage, as well as Mobile Viewpoint bonded cellular wireless content for side-line reporting, said Vislink.

Plus, SMPTE 2110 IP-based video connectivity is now available with the Quantum camera receiver, enabling content production teams to simplify their content routing and increase production flexibility within their production centres.