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Vendors offer new remote production solutions

Tedial and Sony have announced a number of new features to help content creators looking to move to remote production workflows

Both Tedial and Sony have announced a number of new features to help content creators looking to move to remote production workflows.

Tedial has updated its Smartlive automated live sports production solution to enable users to layer graphics on top of highlights and replays.

It has also added new functionalities to its Hybrid Cloud architecture; and new multiple deployment option features to its Hyper IMF MAM solution. According to Tedial, these features and upgrades are ready for remote operations as broadcasters return to live programming, particularly in the world of sport.

Emilio L. Zapata, CEO, Tedial said, “There are lessons to be learned from living through a pandemic that quarantined most of the world’s population, and for most this has been an eye-opener. Going forward, on-site footprints will be dramatically reduced. Remote operations, talked about for years but not globally implemented, have been catapulted to the forefront of technology as a result of social distancing with both talent and tech working from home.”

Meanwhile, Sony has enabled customers to operate their XVS Switchers remotely, leveraging the Virtual toolsets available such as Virtual Menu, Virtual Panel and Virtual Shotbox. According to the company the software has been used in major broadcasters in Europe and North America.

It added that its recently launched HDCE-TX30 solution has enabled the HDC-3500 and previous generations of HDC cameras to become IP Native meaning it can be employed for remote production.

“In this year like no other, we’ve seen both phenomenal challenges for the whole media industry and phenomenal energy and creativity to overcome those challenges and produce great content for audiences always hungry for more. We’re now seeing customers moving away from the “quick fixes” brought on by the rapid change of situation at the beginning of summer, towards more sustainable solutions with long term investments, powered by 5G, AI and IP.  Sony has been working side by side with them, delivering innovative technology, especially when it comes to remote and cloud-based solutions, as well as expertise and knowledge.” said Hiroshi Kajita, head of media solutions marketing, Sony Professional Solutions Europe.