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New DPP report says live content is the ultimate D2C product

The Business of Live report, part of the network's Going Live & Remote series, points to "huge new opportunities for interaction and monetisation" in the direct to consumer live content market

The latest Going Live & Remote report from the DPP suggests that the boom in live content has created a “whole new live direct to consumer (D2C) market, with huge new opportunities for interaction and monetisation”.

The Business of Live report brings together contributions from more than 40 market experts and explores what an explosion of live content means for the professional media industry and how it has become the “ultimate direct to consumer product”. 

“Almost every aspect of life can now be found as a form of live streamed content,” explained DPP CEO and author of the report, Mark Harrison. “This democratisation of live content has created a boom with huge implications for the professional media industry and its suppliers.”

According to the report, young adults (between the ages of 18 and 34) are consuming huge volumes of new live content on a variety of devices, and in a number of different business models. It states that the adoption of IP and cloud-based technologies required for remote working during the coronavirus pandemic “simply skyrocketed a live content revolution that had already begun”. And further change is on its way, with the focus on automation for “major high end productions, and in new, innovative content ventures”. 

“You’ll see a lot more user-generated content as AI becomes more powerful. Some of the fear of using user generated content will go away, because you’ll be a lot more confident that it is not going to be something inappropriate” said Paul Moore, global media strategic business development at report partner, Atos. “AI will be used for selecting what will be interesting, but also for ensuring the wrong thing doesn’t go on air.”

The report is available to DPP members.