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Lawo raises IP game for Netherlands’ broadcaster

The project aims to integrate various production environments within Talpa Network to meet demands and facilitate the sharing of technical resources

Lawo has announced a collaboration with Talpa Network.

Following proof-of-concept trials, the Netherlands broadcaster has selected Lawo as a partner in its project to upgrade facilities at its Hilversum and Amsterdam locations, including the implementation of video gateways to transport uncompressed signals across its private network.

Aiming to establish an audio, video and communication (AVC) network to enable efficient use of its connections, infrastructure and resources, Talpa has leveraged a range of Lawo’s IP solutions including its HOME management platform for IP infrastructures and .edge Hyper-Density SDI/IP Conversion and Routing Platform for converting video signals to raw ST 2110 streams.

Part of the installation includes three HOME App multiviewers with 16 PiPs each running on one server. The solutions provide pixel-perfect mosaics and ultra-low latency, enabling monitoring of UHD, 3G, HD, and SD video as well as audio sources for global events and broadcast operations, sad the company.

Aiming to enhance efficiency and scalability across its infrastructure, Talpa has deployed Lawo’s .edge SDI matrix across its facilities. With its central management systems, VSM and HOME, the broadcaster is able to route signals such as ST 2110 streams and aims to establish an n-1 IP communication network.

Mark de Jong, technology architect lead at Talpa Network, commented, “With our move to integrate all our production environments in Hilversum and Amsterdam using a Lawo IP infrastructure, we are on the path to achieving centralised control and resource management, as well as optimising workflows at a higher level. All of this will bring more efficiency and help us meet the growing demands for modern, quality production for our audience.

“Talpa Network has worked with Lawo products for many years, valuing their reliability in live media production workflows. This makes Lawo a trusted technology partner for our mission-critical operations.”