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Working together for audio integration

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wisycom-2  SL6 MCR42

The MCR42 UHF Miniature Camera Receiver from Italian RF specialist Wisycom offers new firmware and an adapter that allow collaboration with Sound Devices’ 688 mixer/recorder product, as well as its SL-6 SuperSlot powering and
wireless accessory.

With the addition of the 688 mixer/recorder and SL-6 accessory, the MCR42 can use two analogue channels or a digital AES3. It can also be managed and monitored by the SuperSlot to use all its features, such as the ability to probe TV channels for interference on a wide spectrum.
Wisycom said that power distribution and interconnection are also greatly simplified.
The compact design of the MCR42 allows integration of a dual true diversity receiver, which in turn gives plenty of space to fit a camera slot.

The product operates on wide frequency, up to 230MHz, and retains exceptional sensitivity and intermodulation immunity, said the company.

It comes equipped with Wisycom’s patented PTT (push-to-talk) feature, allowing operators the ability to easily switch between the main or intercom line for output.