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Wire-free intercom interfaces

The new InterChange LTD is an intercom system for audio over telephone lines. Its front panel headset interface jack allows easy connection to a wireless phone, tablet or computer allowing remote access through a phone call or conferencing app.

The front panel DTMF keypad and headset jack allow easy call setup, said the company. Its Listen-Always design allows both the phone hybrid and the mobile phone headset interface to monitor the intercom just like any belt pack. Listen mode is a high impedance bridging tap on the intercom line. Talk mode is enabled via a front panel switch, either Off, On or Auto.

Auto follows the phone hybrid Auto-Answer mode.

JK Audio has “been developing a wide range of intercom interfaces and extenders that let users operate wire free using its existing hardware and headsets as well as across the PSTN telephone system for worldwide connectivity”, said Ian Prowse, director of Vortex

Communications, JK Audio’s European distributor. Crucial to this has been the addition of wide-band (7kHz) audio over Bluetooth (offering broadcast-quality sound) to much of its range, such as the RemoteMix-4 Outside Broadcast mixer.

Wide-band Bluetooth is also central to JK Audio’s Intercom range. Its Interloop and new Outerloop belt packs provide wireless professional intercom systems to free the user from being tethered to a wall box. They can either pair together for local wireless connectivity, or with other Bluetooth interfaces (including mobile phones) to extend the intercom system across the PSTN telephone network simply by making a call.