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Vizrt: One tool for a smarter workflow

As the broadcast market becomes increasingly competitive, there is an ever-greater challenge to create more content without compromising quality. At the same time budgets continue to be spread further and wider, so there are fewer resources available for networks to be creative.

While larger broadcasters have the resources to build a traditional control room with all the necessary digital broadcast equipment, those systems can be cost prohibitive and impractical for smaller stations, as well as for networks looking to offer secondary channels and online content.

We recognised a need in the market for a complete streamlined control solution for broadcasters looking to launch a new, cost-effective channel on any platform. Viz Opus, which is being introduced here at IBC2014, delivers Vizrt’s industry-leading Viz Mosart newscast automation system, Viz Engine realtime graphics and video compositor, and Viz One media asset management system – all in a single solution.

The cost-effective package offers users high-end graphics, audio mixing capability, video playout, asset management, vision mixing, multiple SDI and IP inputs, multiviewer functionality, all controlled by the Viz Mosart automation system. This powerful tool creates a smarter workflow by combining newsroom graphics and video workflow with complete control room automation capability.

This results in operational efficiencies that simplify the complexity that broadcasters face today. The efficiency also enables production personnel to concentrate on tasks that generate revenue, like creating more dynamic, compelling content. In addition to financial and operational advantages, broadcasters benefit from high-end production tools that give their output a more professional and consistent look.

Viz Opus can also be used as a very cost-effective backup to a regular control room or act as a secondary control room where parts of a playlist can be executed, freeing up the primary control room for other tasks.

The cost-effective Viz Opus workflow enables broadcasters to do more with what they have, fitting perfectly into an established graphics and video workflow within a newsroom. Broadcasters will continue to face greater content demands and increasing complexity. The real challenge is choosing and implementing the right tools to simplify workflows, minimise errors, and create an environment that allows more time for creativity.