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Vision247: Bringing TV to ship crews

KVH Industries and Vision247 have partnered to deliver up-to-date TV content to mariners at sea. Running on the Vision247 Perception multiscreen delivery platform, which was adapted to KVH’s requirements, the service delivers multiscreen entertainment to crews on ships.

It provides access to themed TV channels including movies, news and sports, refreshed regularly over KVH’s IP-MobileCast service. Mariners can watch programmes on TVs, PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones through Perception’s interactive app.

Content is transferred to ships via KVH’s multicasting satellite technology, that can deliver large amounts of video to many ships at once without impacting on-board data speeds or critical communications channels. Programmes can be changed on a daily basis, providing up-to-date television and VoD for crews on long journeys.

Content is downloaded over the IP-MobileCast service to Perception servers on-board vessels. The content is then auto-scheduled based on its metadata and presented to users as ‘live’ linear channels, complete with EPG and time-shift functionality. The service also provides a traditional VoD library.