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Vintage Cloud acquires Steenbeck

The digital and analogue worlds don’t always collide, sometimes there’s a nice logical merging. Such is the case with the acquisition of Dutch producer of film editing tables Steenbeck by Danish film digitisation company Vintage Cloud.

For more than 60 years, Steenbeck has been prominent in the world of film editing tables. Four years ago, when Vintage Cloud started developing its film digitiser, the logical choice of mechanical foundation was, of course, the Steenbeck editing table.

Hay Janssen, owner of Steenbeck, said: “Vintage Cloud has really developed a digitiser of high-quality based on Steenbeck’s editing table, and they will be able to take the company into the digital future.”

Peter Englesson, co-founder of Vintage Cloud, concurred. “The film world has become digital, but you still have to work with the old analogue film material when you digitise, and that is where Steenbeck has its unrivalled advantage.

You could say that the high-end digitisation system, developed by Vintage Cloud, works as the brain in the system, whereas the Steenbeck table acts as its trusted heart and body.”