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ViewZ: New monitor features advanced colour calibration

Since the company put a new R&D team in place just over a year ago, ViewZ says that it has concentrated on new product development, ceasing all manufacturing and sales activity for old models. Accordingly, this year, ViewZ returns to IBC with a new product line.

The show focus is on the company’s P Series broadcast monitor, which features a proprietary colour calibration program that analyses the characteristics of individual panels used in the monitors and applies the company’s own colour algorithm to set the perfect colour for that individual monitor.

ViewZ says that it used a high end spectrometer, the Minolta CS2000, to calculate the reference value for all panels and developed its own colour algorithm that could be applied to K-10 from Klein Instruments and i1 from X-rite. The company claims that this approach sets it apart from its competitors, as ViewZ software allows users to obtain the same result regardless of their choice of probes. Colour calibration software is provided for users to calibrate ViewZ monitors regularly using their own probes.

The P Series features 3G-SDI input and includes waveform, vectorscope, 16ch audio level meter, closed caption, histogram, peaking, audio waveform, time code, clip guide, UMD, false colour, and 3D LUT. Supported connectivity includes two SDI inputs (one for loop out), HDMI, DVI, CVBS, S-Video, component, SDI to HDMI out, audio in/out, remote control and RS422 ports. SDI input signal formats include SMPTE425M-AB, SMPTE274M, SMPTE296M, 2K Format for HD-SDI and ITU-R BT.601, and SMPTE 125M for SD-SDI.

The company notes that it has different sets of algorithm for 1D and 3D Look Up Tables in order to achieve the best colour setting.

Beyond its flagship product, ViewZ also offers range of 3G-SDI broadcast monitors using 8-bit panels and a 24-in monitor with 10-bit panels for professionals requiring 3D LUT.

Also available is a low cost 21.5-in 3G-SDI monitor. A 9-in stand-type and 9-in dual rack type monitors will be available in October.