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VeloVueRoad hits the road in Limburg

In June, the inaugural Velon Hammer Series, a three-day professional road cycling race, took place in the province of Limburg in the Netherlands. The introduction of this professional event gave Broadcast RF the opportunity to launch its brand new live onboard camera, the VeloVueRoad, which it is discussing here at IBC.

This system, an adaptation of VeloVueTrack that has already been a success at the world’s leading UCI Track Cycling events, deals with the challenge of an outdoor road cycling environment.

VeloVueRoad allows complete freedom for production, claimed the company, with the capability to transmit up to a pressurised RF relay overhead providing results no matter where the bike is on the circuit.

The introduction of a bespoke in-built data control system designed by Broadcast RF is pivotal to the success of the VeloVueRoad. It allows remote switching of power, frequency and other RF parameters, as well as control of camera functions, all of which are essential in the effective deployment of an on-board road cycling camera.

Chris Brandrick, Broadcast RF’s commercial director, commented: “The VeloVueRoad is the next step for us on the outdoor road cycling circuit. The difficulty is the scale of road cycling and terrain of road cycling courses.

We didn’t want to rush the design, as it’s a compromise between pleasing the riders and ensuring the RF camera actually works.”