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Updating your social Stratus

The latest version of the GV Stratus (v6.0) production and content management system has been designed as a “social engagement engine”, according to Grass

Valley’s president, Marco Lopez. As news becomes more attuned to the needs of social media, Stratus can now monitor major platforms to determine what people are viewing, to identify trends and help develop better social media content. “It’s a full social media front end,” he said.

“With social media, news is constant. Our customers tell us that they need to put out social media content every few minutes,” he explained. The system can publish, monitor, track and delete stories on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other platforms.

The development is part of Grass Valley’s efforts to help news production become more flexible and scalable, including greater virtualisation, which “offers our customers better resource management and better collaboration with improved cost efficiency”, added Lopez. It will also make it a lot easier to ramp up news resources for a big breaking story.

Grass Valley will also be previewing the latest version of its editing platform, Edius 9.0 (shipping November), which is cloud-ready (with floating licenses, which can be added to as needed, and virtualisation) and supports HDR-native editing and exporting.

Editors can mix SDR and HDR material on the same project, and output results in either colour space.Also new is Ignite v10, which adds automated production with a new customisable user interface, persistent templates allowing last-minute changes without having to go back to the newsroom computer system, and a new companion application that enables simultaneous control by up to three operators – easing the pressure of breaking news production.