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Trinity stabilisation on a roll

Trinity is a powerful new stabilisation system that can produce some moves that other rigs would struggle to get, and cope with larger cameras by taking a payload of up to 30kg.

It is based on a prototype Artemis system, which Arri recently bought from Sachtler, a move which saw its developer Curt O. Schaller joining Arri.

Added to this is the ring-shaped Maxima gimbal, which can support anything from an Alexa Mini to Alexa 65. It can also cope with longer camera lens combinations than usual.

Users have five axes of full control, and can have the camera spin around a full 360 degrees while dipping from high to low mode, while they are standing still, “which makes it extremely flexible,” said Stephan Schenk, Arri’s MD.

It is controlled from a touchscreen Transvideo monitor. The Maxima gimbal, from FoMA Systems, which is used as Trinity’s head, is now distributed exclusively by Arri.