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Vortex TimeLord regenerates as modular µNet

It’s only a matter of time before all the broadcast electronics we rely on go out of sync with each other, unless there is a time signal to lock everything to. Conveniently, atomic reference clocks such as the GPS satellite system allow us do this, and the new TimeLord-µNet GPS-locked NTP time server provides a way to lock to it.

As standard, TimeLord-µNet has an external GPS antenna and can be powered via PoE (power-over-Ethernet) or with an external mains supply. Vortex claimed it offers a cost-effective way of providing an NTP time source, especially across large sites, where individual TimeLord-µNets locked to GPS can be installed in each location.

Vortex also has a re-engineered version of its TimeLord-Net, which can now can lock to GPS, MSF, DCF, EBU or IRIG and can be configured as an NTP Time Server to provide network time from an external reference, or as an NTP Time Client to lock to an existing NTP Reference.

The modular TimeLord-Net provides outputs to drive digital displays, including the V-400A series, analogue clocks (with hands) and serial time data, EBU or IRIG Timecode and other time reference signals. As an NTP Client it offers low-cost, comprehensive way to convert between reference signals, said Vortex.

Also regenerating is the FLX-2 Virtual Clock and Timer system, which now uses the latest Android hardware to provide graphical clocks for display on low-cost HDMI screens.