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TICO swells in numbers

As an industry now built on HEVC struggles to comprehend the rate card published by the HEVC Advance patent pool, the TICO Alliance has swollen to over 20 vendors, with Grass Valley, Imagine, Matrox and EVS the biggest players.

The company intoPIX has spent five years perfecting a mezzanine compression that is fast in software, with good latency values of six lines at the encoder and three lines at the decoder. It is about to submit a first stage draft to SMPTE.

“We wanted to make it a standard for enabling interoperability and to be open, so we have been discussing building the spec or using it across the studio IP and SDI sector with the first adopters,” said product marketing manager Jean-Baptiste Lorent. “In terms of the alliance we want to work on a really open organisation.

“We did study to make sure we do not commit any infringements at the technology level, and we did protect it with some patents. But in the aim to open up adoption we just wanted to protect the technology itself,” he added. “We are not an HEVC provider! We are a technology company at the service of the industry.

“We are now working on a preliminary spec for 8K over 12 Gig SDI or 8K over 10 Gig internet using TICO as well,” he continued. “TICO compression supports three 4K 60p compressed video streams over the same infrastructure as three HD uncompressed streams.” 10.D31D