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Three-camera CCU for small studios

The Camera Control Unit (CCU) by DVLab, aimed at small studios with a limited budget, is being demonstrated at IBC.

According to the company, development of the device was prompted by the growing number of small studios for whom three cameras are enough for them to work efficiently, and for whom studio space is restricted. DVLab believes that the market only offers either very sophisticated and expensive solutions, or solutions that are too simple and too restricted, and it has attempted to address these issues.

The new system combines a three-camera CCU and intercom, and uses a single CAT-7 Ethernet cable to transmit everything to and from camera. Maximum cable length is 60m which DVLab said is more than enough for a small studio.

The CCU transmits professional quality HD-SDI or HDMI video from the camera, return video channel to camera (feedback for cameraman or teleprompter), power and tally signal.

The ethernet-based integrated communication system is claimed to provide clear two-way communication between director and up to six callers. The intercom allows the connection of up to six additional communication consoles, and can be used with low-cost wireless headphones.