The IBC Wrap-Up

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There’s one essential short-cut to understanding what IBC2016 has discussed, and to establish what the hot topics were and how the industry is preparing for 2017, and that’s to attend the IBC Wrap-Up session (12 September, 11:30, Forum).

Chairman John Ive (technologist and MD at Ive Tech Media) is perfectly able to bring out the best from his fellow expert panellists, most of whom are absolute IBC regulars. Elisabetta Romano is VP/head of TV & media at Ericsson is responsible for the TV and media solution area, covering strategy, portfolio, sales and business growth as the industry emerges into the internet era of television.

Simon Fell is another hugely skilled guest. He is an ex-BBC R&D staffer, and since 2006 director of technology & innovation at the EBU. Richard Lindsay-Davies, CEO at the Digital TV Group, is an influential figure, having spent more than two decades in the industry. Richard drives the DTG's strategy and collaborative culture, which is built on the pillars insight, creativity, and excellence.

Tom Griffiths is director of broadcast & distribution technology at ITV, and leads ITV’s in-house team looking after its broadcast, transmission and content distribution services, as well as the technology developments delivered by ITV’s broadcast managed service providers. This includes air time sales, rights management, linear and non-linear content scheduling and IP streaming & VOD content delivery.

Californian Tony Emerson (worldwide MD/media & cable at Microsoft) completes the line-up. A veteran of Microsoft since 2000, he was appointed industry solutions manager for media & cable in 2011 and succeeded to the MD role in 2013. He has a broad background in media/broadcasting having previously worked at KCSM-TV in California and as a founding employee of the Stanford University Television network.