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Team-up for HEVC encoding

A partnership with Kalray, a developer and manufacturer of many core processors, has been announced that will enable high density real-time HEVC video encoders.

Based on Kalray’s massively parallel Multi Purpose Processor Array (MPPA) chip, Digigram said it would integrate the resulting technology into new IP-based products to offer efficient high-density HEVC HD and Ultra HD video encoding in broadcast and OTT applications. Kalray’s technology is already used in a large spectrum of applications, including the VoIP applications supported by Digigram products.

“[The technology] takes full advantage of both the MPPA’s unique parallel architecture and its video-optimised instruction set to bring a truly disruptive video encoding offering to the market,” said Kalray president and CEO Eric Baissus.

Digigram president and CEO Philippe Delacroix said the technology partnership would enable the very quick introduction of realtime HEVC encoding to the Digigram product line. “This in turn will enable our customers to dramatically reduce bandwidth requirements and accelerate their deployment of Ultra HD TV to multiscreen OTT applications,” he added.