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T10 goes to Xtreme lengths for AR/VR

The carbon fibre telescoping Xtreme T10 crane has been designed to offer the precise and smooth operation required for augmented and virtual reality.

Richard Villhaber, sales director, Egripment, explained: “Rather than first building a crane, then deciding how to make it work for this fast-growing segment of

the broadcast and film industry, we engineered the Xtreme T10 directly towards AR/VR utilisation.”
The new crane is equally suitable for conventional telescoping crane use. All the axes of the crane arm, dolly and telescoping column may be fully encoded to become an integral part of any AR/VR system.

“The Xtreme T10 Telescoping Crane is the result of a perfect combination of top quality design and advanced engineering technology,” claimed Villhaber.

The system is easy to switch from underslung to overslung operations, with a maximum arm height and length of 7.5m, and minimum length of 2.1m, with a telescopic range of 5.4m. The maximum telescoping arm speed is 2.1m per second. The arm weighs 275kg.