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‘Stress-free’ wireless mic

By Mark Hallinger

The AVX wireless microphone system for video cameras is being showcased. The compact AVX receiver unit plugs directly into the XLR of a camera, where it automatically pairs with the microphone and switches on with the camera.

The system automatically adjusts the correct audio levels between transmitter and receiver and transmits using a specially protected link in the license-free 1.9 GHz range. Sennheiser said that the system has been designed so that setting up and recording high-quality audio for video is fast, convenient, and stress-free.

AVX comes in ready-to-use systems that contain everything required to immediately go live. Alternatively, tailor-made systems can be put together from a wide choice of individual components.

The plug-on receiver automatically switches on with the phantom powering of the camera, and automatically pairs with the transmitter. The system immediately sets the correct audio level for the microphone transmitter, matching it to the receiver, and selects a free frequency. If a source of interference appears, AVX will inaudibly shift to a new frequency.

AVX is equipped with adaptive transmitting power, meaning that the system always uses the power that is required to maintain a reliable connection between the microphone and the camera receiver. Sennheiser said this ensures a stable link, and reduces battery consumption. The AVX receiver and transmitter are powered by special lithium-ion batteries, which can be recharged via a USB port. The transmitters display the amount of battery life remaining.

For DSLRs with a jack audio input, the AVX systems include an XLR-3/mini-jack adapter cable and the mounting accessories needed to attach the receiver to the camera hotshoe.