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Spectre agents of change for DMX lighting

A new universal wireless DMX lighting control system has been introduced by Cinelex, and is being shown at IBC by TheLight/Velvet, Fiilex and BB&S, although it will work with any DMX-capable light.

The Spectre system is based on the LumenRadio chipset, and the first product is the Spectre-TRX, a combined transmitter and receiver, with a 100m range. “When we spoke to rental companies, they didn’t want to have to pair one transmitter to one receiver,” explained Spencer Doran, MD, Octica Professional, which owns Cinelex.

The unit has a pass-through power system, where it and the light fixture are simultaneously powered by the same battery (V-mount or Gold Mount). It can also be used with any regular DMX desk, although Cinelex is also offering its own portable Spectre-Desk-

TX8 (with built-in transmitter), which can control eight channels across 512 unique DMX IDs.

12.C59, 12.C73 and 12.B52