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Snell: New Kahuna is “going to nail the competition”

An all new Kahuna switcher lineup has been introduced, with added flexibility and 4K capabilities across the range. Snell said the Kahuna 4800, Kahuna 6400 and Kahuna 9600 offer more firepower and flexibility than ever before.

Combined with Snell’s new flexible switcher control surface, Kahuna Maverik, the bolstered feature set of the new Kahuna switchers includes providing more power for Mix Effects (M/E) functionality and enhanced DVE resize engines.

This enables chroma key capabilities on all keyers and 2.5D DVE on all models in the range. The Kahuna 4800 offers up to four M/Es and 16 keyers, the Kahuna 6400 offers up to 12 M/Es, 24 keyers while the Kahuna 9600 has up to 24 M/Es, 48 keyers.

“We’re going to nail the competition,” claimed Robert Rowe, Snell’s managing director of Live TV. “These production switchers will be available at the beginning of October and are ready to buy at the show. There have been big jumps in processing technology, such that we can get much more power into a much smaller space, for a more affordable price point.”

Further enhancements to production workflows for social media are also now supported, allowing user-generated content to be directly uploaded to the switcher’s internal store and made ready for air.