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SkyPanel now bigger and brighter

The new SkyPanel S360-C is Arri’s “biggest and brightest LED fixture we ever made. It is four times as bright as the standard S60”, said Markus Zeiler, general manager Arri Business Unit Lighting. Some 30,000 SkyPanels have now been sold, and the S360-C was developed to respond to user feedback.

The colour tuneable 120,000 lumens S360-C offers a wide range of built-in effects, from police car lights to fire effects, which can cover a wide area. The panel comes with an intensifier that gives 50 per cent extra output in the centre of the light.

“It takes a bit from the side, but it is still smooth,” he explained. The full kit includes various diffusers, soft boxes, case and remote. It also has a carbon fibre yoke, which is half the weight of a traditional steel yoke, and more reliable.

It is the first SkyPanel to have wireless LumenRadio DMX built in, and Arri is making it easy to add wireless to all the older SkyPanels, via SkyLink Receiver, a USB-powered dongle offering bi-directional communication.

It links to the SkyLink Base Station offering DMX/RDM communication and direct control from a DMX control application on a tablet or computer via WiFi. RDM allows for two-way communication with the fixture and enables the ability to change all settings on the lamphead remotely.

The wireless link should achieve a range of at least 150m in poor conditions, or up to 400m with line of sight. SkyLink was developed in partnership with Innovative Dimmers.