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Simplifying content encryption

The CENC Converter from castLabs unveiled at this year’s IBC is designed to enable content to be decrypted and re-encrypted from AES-CTR to AES-CBC-based schemes and from AES-CBC to AES-CTR schemes.

The company said this eliminates the need for multiple versions of the same content, supports one encryption scheme, and simplifies both MPEG-DASH and HLS multi-device playback.CastLabs added that

Google has rolled out support for AES-CBC based schemes across Android and Chromecast, and Microsoft is expected to follow.

It noted that while DRM convergence is still far from reality, the two major DRM technologies, Microsoft PlayReady and Google Widevine, may be joining FairPlay Streaming from Apple in supporting AES-CBC based encryption by the end of 2017.