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Service assured

A complete, fully software-based video assurance solution is being showcased. Agama said it provides complete operational transparency across all technologies and services: ingest; transcoding; packaging; multiplexing and encryption in OTT, IPTV, cable and broadcast headends.

With a full picture of service performance, Agama said that operators can confidently roll-out new services and configuration changes. Issues can be identified within seconds, regardless of where in the delivery chain they occur.

Johan Görsjö, director of product management at Agama Technologies, said: “Our line of analyser probes provides complete support for today’s video technologies, including HEVC, SCTE-35 ad insertion, HLS7, DASH264 and UHD. The high capacity probes can be deployed on bare metal or virtualised, enabling full flexibility in deployment.

The Agama solution fully supports automated configuration and deployment, making it ideal for virtualised headends.”