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Densitron supports remote workflows with Intelligent Display System update

IDS Cloud includes new capabilities for mission-critical broadcast customers, said the company

Densitron has announced what it describes as a “major evolution” of its Intelligent Display System (IDS) with a new software engine designed for hybrid and remote working, which can be deployed on-premise or on private or public cloud.

According to the company, IDS Cloud includes new capabilities for mission-critical broadcast customers, with its most important single benefit being “tremendous flexibility” of deployment that encompasses public and private cloud operation, as well as existing on-premise functionality.

With the new IDS Cloud, the core IDS server can be deployed and managed from anywhere including on private cloud environments or public clouds, such as AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Densitron added that without the requirement for a traditional server, IDS can now be utilised in more locations. The company added that while it will continue to provide the option of a traditional licence fee, users will now have the opportunity to access a monthly pay-as-you-go subscription.

Reuben Such, global business director at Densitron IDS, said: “The introduction of the IDS Cloud software engine represents a transformational moment for Densitron. IDS customers are used to, and rightly expect, an unparalleled user experience, and we did not want to introduce a cloud-based service until we could be sure that it would be not only as good as our on-premise version, but even better! So we have taken our time and completely re-engineered the core of IDS to make it ideal for this exciting new era of hybrid, remote and decentralised broadcasting.

“More than ever, media companies require scalability and flexibility, which means that technology must always be an enabler and never a barrier to efficient operations. With IDS Cloud, our customers can be assured that they have a platform which is capable of supporting the full range of current and emerging workflows.”