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Satmission: DSNG antenna is streamlined for speed

The new Satmission Streamline SMP 155DA is a drive-away broadcast satellite antenna system that can be deployed in less than 60 seconds.

The high gain antenna system is being shown installed on a Land Rover Discovery DSNG vehicle, designed and built by UK-based systems integrator Broadcast Networks. The vehicle supports live SD and HD feeds, with voice and internet communications, for live sports and news coverage.

The aerodynamically designed carbon fibre antenna is optimised to reduce weight, and allow the vehicle to be driven comfortably at high speeds. It comes with a redundant/phase-combined 400W amplifier system from Communications and Power Industries resulting in an EIRP above 70 dBW.

The antenna is compliant with Eutelsat, Intelsat and FCC requirements, and is equipped with GPS, Fluxgate Compass and DVB2 receiver.

“The Streamline SMP 155DA is the lowest and lightest complete drive-away antenna system on the market,” said Arto Brushane, CEO Satmission. “The system is easy to operate, intelligently designed and adapted to suit our clients’ demands. It’s vehicle agnostic, which makes it a simple yet powerful solution to deploy in DSNG fleets working in any terrain and climate.”